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Website Redesign Services: Increase Your Online Earnings

Elevate your brand with our Website Redesign Services! Our focused approach aims to amplify your brand image, ensuring a surge in traffic, enhanced engagement, and a substantial increase in revenue.

Why Do You Need Website Redesign Services?


of visitors will bounce your website with poor UI/UX Designs


of visitors are going to make business decisions based on your website’s visuals.

$1.73 Billion

is lost by business owners with slow loading websites.

Source: Hubspot, Econstultancy

Website redesign service options from Maverixt

When you deal with Maverixt, we are aware that no two websites are alike.

Since every firm is different, so too should every website that represents that company. In light of this, Maverixt provides a selection of website redesign service alternatives to suit any type of site, from franchise websites to e-commerce websites.

Discover more about our expert website redesign solutions here:

Custom website redesigns

Maverixt provides unique website builds that start from scratch.

Are you interested in a simple 10 page site? We are here. You want a complex 100 page website, we can make it happen by implementing our custom website redesign service. Plus, as a bonus, custom design gives you freedom to add any extra features and designs you want

Rapid Website Redesign

We recognize that there are situations when you require a website immediately. We launched this service as a platform that enables you to have a nicely designed customized website in 30 days as a result. We are not kidding!

Your company’s website will get a new look with this feature of our website redesign services in just 30 days.

Your team chooses one of three templates, which our designers then tailor to your business and brand, down to the custom logo and company colors, to produce your site in 30 days.

The end result is a stunning website that works on all devices, not just mobile ones.

Best Website Redesign Services Options

Our website redesigns services involves strategic approach to modernize your website in our website redesign services

Web Design


Competetive Analysis

User Research

Content Audit

Sitemap Creation


UI/ UX Redesign

CMS Integration


HubSpot CMS


Woo Commerce

Craft CMS





Other Services

Logo & Visual Identity

Graphic Design

Performance Optimization

Maintenance and Updates

Server Administration

Cross-Platform Migration

Quality Assurance

Why Choosing Maverixt As Your Website Redesign Company

You’ll benefit from working with Maverixt on your website redesign because

Creative Design Team

We have a team of professional web designers that draws years of experience in developing visually appealing, professional design and cutting-edge website designs that resonates with your business audience and identity

Streamlined Process

We offer quick & hassle-free website designs with streamlined & effective procedures that decrease delays and increase results.

CMS Platform Integration

We effortlessly integrate a user-friendly content management system (CMS) with your new website, giving you the ability to manage and update your material with ease.

Seamless Content Migration

By smoothly transferring your current material to the new site while maintaining its integrity and structure, we guarantee a smooth transition.

Post-Launch Support

Our dedication continues after the launch with on-going support, improvements, and upkeep to guarantee your rebuilt website keeps running at peak efficiency.


We guarantee that your website redesign will be of great quality, will live up to your standards and produce the result you desire.

Our Clients

We’ve effectively assisted more than a thousand clients worldwide, hailing from countries such as the United States, Canada, India, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Africa, France, Dubai, Qatar, and Australia. Our proficiency in website redesign has been a catalyst for numerous businesses’ success. We grasp the intricacies of crafting captivating websites and are ready to support you in realizing your online objectives.

How Maverixt Will Benefit You With Website Redesign Services

Assurance of Improvements

Maverixt always begins with a in-depth UI and UX audit that enables us to identify the flaws in your website. Once we are aware of them, we develop a unique structured plan with redesign targets and associated business results, such as:

  1. To increase mobile website traffic, choose a responsive website for mobile.
  2. Improved performance and a effective website load time will reduce visitor bounce rates.
  3. improved visitor engagement through more user-friendly navigation.

combining many websites into a single CMS to cut maintenance and management costs.

Smoothly Transferring Content

Costs associated with website redesign might be up to half consumed by content relocation. Maverixt develops a thorough migration roadmap specifically for each project to ensure that your investment will result in 100% safely moved material. In order to find and update all instances of your website's legacy code, we also mix the automated and human migration approaches.

Preserved SEO Equity

We collaborate closely with project stakeholders to develop an SEO migration strategy that includes website crawling, the preservation of inbound links, and the implementation of redirects for updated links in order to maintain your website's current positions in search engine rankings.

The following actions are also included in our approach to increase your organic traffic:

    1. exhaustive SEO audit.
    2. resolving issues that have been shown to be impeding the ranking progression of your website.
    3. improving the on-page SEO of specific pages.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Need Website Design

Do you believe that you need a website redesign? Before you invest in a website redesign services in order to increase your online presence, leads, and sales. You need to ask yourself these six questions.

1. Is my website easy to navigate and find information?

Your website’s navigation plays a crucial role on how your audience will interact with it. They want to fast and readily access information when they visit your website. You lose leads on your page if your website is tough to use.

So how can you tell if the navigation on your website is simple to use?

Give yourself an objective and put yourself in the audience’s position. Set a target for when you wish to arrive at a certain page of information. An e-commerce website might test it by having users visit product pages and make purchases, for instance.

2. Are my current website visitors converting into sales?

Generating leads that result in higher conversion rate is the ultimate goal of your website. Audiences visiting your website, reading your content, and then buying your goods and services is your ultimate goal. But you redesign your website if it’s not going the way it should go.

Your website needs specific components in order to encourage conversions. Including calls to actions and fixing your website’s structure through proper navigation could be all. These are the factors that may make the difference between generating and losing leads.

3. Have my competitors recently updated their site?

If you want to give cutting edge competition to your competitors, You need to redesign to make your audience choose you over your rivals. If your website isn’t maintained and one of your rival’s is, then you are at high risk of losing business here.

Users seek out websites that make their life easy, make them feel modern along with new appearance as per design trends. They don’t want to be on an old – looking website. So, it is very crucial to keep your website updated so that your audience will also feel dated.

4. Is my content informative and correct?

Visitors to your website are looking for information. They eagerly want to know about your company, It’s offering, and It’s services. In order to give your customers the greatest experience possible on your website, your content needs to be as accurate, valuable and instructive as possible.

Your audience will be nurtured properly if the content on your website is informative and accurate. It will help you generate more leads drastically as inquiries they raise. They acquire every relevant information that will aid them in making a conclusion.

3 Best Practices For Web Redesign

Where to begin when it comes to redesign your website? In order to get focused check out these three best business practices

1. Focus on user experience (UX) design

User experience (UX) is is one of the most important factor when it comes to the website redesign services. UX is about how your audience feels, the goods and service you offer and the entire experience on your website.

Is your website’s design simple and accurate that make user’s life easy to navigate and proper back buttons? It’s clearly a time to rebuilt your website when your audience doesn’t feel secure and at ease there. Not fixing this can be destroy the entire UX.

With the support of expert website designers, you can easily enhance your website’s performance, UX with hassle-free experience and boost customer satisfaction, which will ultimately increase multiple visits.

2. Add visual elements

The effectiveness of your website is greatly influenced by the visual aspects. They assist you in maintaining leads’ interest and engagement on your page. Additionally, using images effectively can significantly increase the likelihood that your target audience will become consumers.

Visitors to your website don’t want to view endless blocks of text. It gives your website a cluttered appearance. Regardless of how useful it may be, many users will quit your website because they don’t want to read pages and pages of material.

By including visual components, you may give balance to your website by breaking up the content on your pages.

3. Optimize your site with search engine optimization (SEO)

If you’re going to spend the time and effort redesigning your website, you want to make sure you follow all the instructions exactly. Make sure to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into the creation of your newly designed website.

The goal of SEO is to increase the visibility of your website in search results so that it can attract more qualified leads. It’s a fantastic method for assisting you to boost website visitors.

You must choose your site’s keywords before you can begin using SEO. By using these keywords, Google will index your website and make it appear in relevant search results. Use relevant keywords that send traffic to your newly rebuilt site if you want people to find it.

Don't mask a successful business behind a poor design!

FAQs Related to Website Redesign

What is the process for website redesign at Maverixt?

The Maverixt website redesign process normally starts with a discovery phase to learn about your objectives and specifications, then moves on to wireframing, visual design, development, and testing. To produce a successful redesign, we provide consistent communication and teamwork.

Can you provide examples of website redesign projects you have completed in the past?

Yes, we are able to give you a portfolio of our prior website redesign work. On our website, you can view examples of our work, or you can ask for particular case studies that pertain to your sector.

What technologies and platforms do you use for website redesign?

Starting with static websites, headless solutions, and common CMS integrations like WordPress, Shopify, and Webflow,  we are skilled in using a variety of technologies and platforms. Based on the requirements and objectives of your particular project, our creative design team decides which technologies are best.

How long does a typical website redesign project take from start to finish?

The complexity and scale of the project determine how long it takes to rebuild a website. During the preliminary project planning stage, we offer projected completion dates and make every effort to finish the project by the deadline.

Will you make sure the website looks and functions well on mobile devices?

Yes, we give responsive design top priority in all of our website redesign initiatives. To improve user experience, we make sure the redesigned website is mobile-friendly and adjusts to different screen sizes and devices in the best way possible.

Can you help with content creation and copywriting for the redesigned website?

Although design and development are our core areas of concentration, we also offer content creation and copywriting as a supplementary service. Our team can consult you to further understand your content needs, make suggestions, or work with freelance content writers hired by us.

How do you ensure the redesigned website will be optimized for search engines (SEO)?

Best practices for on-page SEO are used as part of our website makeover process. We strengthen URL buildings, heading tags, meta descriptions, page labels, and other essential attributes. Also, we assure straightforward and properly structured code, quick loading times, and responsive design—all factors that improve a website’s search engine contact.

Will my existing website experience any downtime during the redesign process?

We strive to minimize any downtime during the website redesign process. Depending on the complexity of the project, there might be temporary downtime during the transition from the old to the redesigned website. We plan and communicate this in advance to minimize any disruption.

Can you integrate third-party tools or plugins into the custom redesign website?

Yes, we can incorporate plugins and resources from outside sources into your new website. Our team is well experienced in using the range of platforms whether they are related to e-commerce capabilities, email marketing, CRM connection, or unique feature.

What does your expert website redesign services cost? Are there any hidden fees?

The cost of our website redesign services is determined by the particulars of each project. We offer custom pricing. That means we’ll provide you thorough proposals explaining the project’s scope and price. We aim to maintain transparency throughout the project and don’t charge any hidden charges.

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